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Window Coatings for Energy Efficient Workplaces

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Israel based Hanita Coatings, a leader in the field of solar, safety and decorative window film solutions for energy efficient workplaces, has entered the Indian market through its tie up with Auto Sonics India Pvt Ltd. Jyoti Devjani, Director, Hanita Coatings speaks to Buildotech on the various products the company offers.

Products of Hanita Coatings have been introduced in India recently. How has the response been?

Hanita Coatings is a 30 year old company based in Israel’s West Galilee. It specializes in solar window coatings and solutions to get energy efficiency and protection to glass facades. The products are in the US and European market. We are exploring the Indian market by joining hands with the influencers – green building consultants, experts, architects – and talking to people looking for safety solutions: Five Star hotels, Consulates, Airports, Embassies etc. You need people to understand the products and the solutions.

We have brought all the products into India and have started installations. So far the Indian market has not used these and already we have people showing interest. We are doing the mock up and extra sampling for them.

The Product range…

Hanita has films for two major kinds of requirements. Some may want energy efficiency; they just put up films to reduce electricity bills, or want to use energy as less as possible to make a project sustainable. Solar Zone window films can upgrade energy performance and enhance the building’s long term sustainability. The films can cut down the energy usage of a building by up to 30%. HVAC system will work efficiently if you have our films.

Then there may be others who have offices with coated glass facades but want to give protection to the glass from breakage. Moreover, the glass should not fragment inside or outside due to weather conditions. Especially in hotels, consulates, airports, government buildings etc, the glass used has to be safe for the guests and visitors. Hanita’s SafetyZone safety and security window films adhere to the interior of the glass to act as protective layers to help secure shards and splinters if the glass should shatter. Hanita also has specialized safety/solar combination films that combine the strength of security films with heat rejection and anti-glare properties.

Xtrazones is again another specialty film that is put on buildings from outside. These films are made especially for harsher outdoor conditions and applied externally to bring energy efficiency to double (IGU), triple glazed, and low E units. With buildings which already have scaffolding put-up, exterior coating can be advantageous. Our films are engineered to be used on exteriors, therefore the efficiency is not compromised.

Do you customize coatings?

No, we don’t customize the coatings as we have a wide range of films that meet almost every customer’s requirement. We have such a large range that we are able to offer optimum solution to the customers. PolyZone films are again engineered for external applications to be put on polycarbonate & acrylic skylights, atriums, stadiums, walkways and malls that want maximum amount of sun light to reduce energy bill.

Are there differences in application with regard to the structure of buildings?

There are. A tall building uses much more glass than the smaller one. Again, energy used or solar gains consumed differ depending on the heat directions, height and floor. We have a specialized installer who installs these films. Our technical team understands the specific requirement like what is the glass facade system in building; what kind of glass is installed; what kind of results the customer is looking for; or is the customer wanting a green building, etc. Based on our findings, we provide the customer with energy simulation report that has complete analysis of a building – the HVAC system, glass facades and the orientation of the building. Keeping all the things in mind and considering the customer goals, we determine the type of film to be used, cost of installation, the method of installation, the savings achievable and the pay back period. The client may also want some mock up done at the buildings and we do installations of different films. After the architect, energy consultants and the clients are all satisfied by the results, the films are shortlisted and then the installer goes and installs the films on the building supported by a specialized team.

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