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World’s largest solar powered hospital

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Haiti’s central plateau is riddled with intermittent flows of energy, a fact that derails the possibilities of large-scale healthcare infrastructure. In the specific region of Mirebalais, outages occur for an average of three hours each day. The newly constructed, Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) a 205,000sqft, 300-bed facility in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with over 1800 solar panels on its rooftop is all set to assist in correcting a national healthcare system with scarce or disparate resources.

The hospital runs entirely on energy generated from extensive rooftop solar panels drawing on the strong Haitian sunlight to create energy for the hospital. Furthermore, the employment of design solutions in the building system as a whole, generate more energy than the hospital will consume. The excess power generated is passed on to the local community, strengthening its existing infrastructure.

Even before the complex officially opened, the German-supplied solar panels reportedly produced 139 megawatt hours of electricity- enough to charge 22 million smartphones and offset 72 tons of coal. Architects of the project include Ann Clark Architects, Copley Wolff Design Group and Nicholas Clark Architects Ltd.


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