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Wrapped in living walls

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Hawaii based Elevate Structure Inc. collection of eco-friendly homes are powered by solar and wrapped in green. These buildings are designed to be functionally flexible and can be used as commercial spaces, gyms or office space. The impressive features of the structures include outer walls that can come completely alive, providing sustenance through potential vegetable farming and plenty of fresh oxygen. The rooftop, as well as some of the outer walls, is equipped with solar panels and a rainwater collection device – along with some space for lounging leftover. The base can contain 1,500 gallons of water storage, which, when combined with its solar power, makes the unit mighty enticing for city dwellers tired of paying for electricity and water bills.

The units go above and beyond everyday environment friendly features, especially considering the tiny space – the base is only 40sqft. The upstairs spaces range from 250-400sqft, providing a shaded canopy for businesses or parking underneath.


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